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whoOpdy fukkin doo !

hola amigos ... hows everythin with you people... well im good ... monday i found out i made the bball team ... and i am runing 4 treasurer s0o0 u peoples please vote 4 me ... yeah otherthen that stuff nothing really happened ... yeah today i woke ^ and went 2 skool ... wherei delt witha lot of shyt ... such as gay fukfaces who put a sign over mine the sed dont vote 4 sara shes a jew i she should die !! i mean wtf ... people r so gay ... that shwy i hate my skool ...no1 can ever appreciate u for who u r ... and most people cant be happy for you if something good happens to you .. i mean holy moly ! lol yeah anyway nuthing really happened /// well after skool i had skool bball practice and i ran my ass off .. then i came home .. for about 15 minutes .. ate my poptart ... and left for rec basketball ... to run my ass off again .. well now im home and tired as hell ... and mthe rest of my plans are to take a shower .. finish homework .. and um.... practice my speach ... please u guys vote 4 me i really wanna win this .. please !!! lol yeah anyway ima go
x0x - sara [ aka ] original loser !!

kaitlin: te amo mucho ... tu eres la mejor ! mejor amigas para la vida !

MaYbE iF u ToOk sOmE tImE
AnD rEALizEd JuSt hOw mUcH u MeAn tO mE
iD sTaRt tO mEaN tHe sAmE tO yOu
bCuZ uD rEaLiZe i Dont fEeL tHiS waY abOuT jUs AnYoNE
* . iTz sOmEtHiNg [ SpEcIaL ] .

i CaNt hELp BeInG NeRvOuS
JuS wIsHiNg iT wErE tRuE
LoVe nEvEr fELt sO pErFeCt
TiLL i FeLL iN LoVe wItH yOu

It hurts so much to love you the way i do, and then look at you and realize how much you don't care

The first time I saw y0u I knew it was true- That I'd L0ve y0u f0rever and that's what I'll do- Y0u d0n't kn0w what y0u d0 t0 me- Y0u d0n't have a clue- Y0u d0n't kn0w what it's like t0 be me l00kin at y0u

its always times like these when i think of y0u and i w0nder if you ever think 0f me..

<3 i love you <3
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