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all i want .. is you ..

hey people.. whats going on .. nuthing really here .. tired.. today was an okay day.. woke^ bolah blah went 2 skool then after stayed late for basketball practice.. then went 2 taco bell ! my favorite=].. lol then after that came homefor a lil while then went to basketbal practice team is pretty good.. cause you know im on it ... lol but there is this girl and she has like adhd .. and shes like bouncing all over the place .. so that sucks.. yepp.. im prety bored now ... i only talked on the fone a little 2night .. with nikki .. and then kaitlin .. ife and christy .. lol well i guess its not that little when you add them all up.. theres no school thursday .. yipee.. christy and kaitlin are gonna be at my house so mayyb well hang by the pool or hit the beach who knows ? lol.. yup.. im in love.. he's just so cute.. and nice .. and everything hehe yup anyway im gonna go .. ♥ - sara

hey u guys do me a favor ! please comment ! thanx a bundle

if you only knew how much i dream about you .. then mayb you would understand .. ♥
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