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w o w ...

hey everyone .. right now i feel like crap but im still updating.. wednesday after school me kaitlin and christy walked 2 the mall and after that we went 2 my basketball practice.. after that we came home for a lil and then went 2 taco bell and blockbuster.. when we got home we watched dawn of the dead .. it wqasnt as scary as i thought it would be lol .. then at like 1:30 we went to sleep .. and then at 11 in the morning me nd kaitlinw oke ^ but christy was still sleeping so we went in the other room lol .. yeah then after that she woke ^ .. in a really bitchy mood hhaha sry christy but u were .. then we went 2 the park then 2 big anthonys 2 eat .. thennnnnn we went to like every stor in the plaza haha and after that we came home.. and satyed outside cause it was really nice.. we went on the trampoline and went 2 ekerd 2 get foor cause im a fatass haha .. then after that we came home ... and watched a cinderella story !! i love that movie its so cute ! ha ha then after that they left and i just hung out around the casa and did hoemwork lol.. and now here i am .. yeah .. anyway ima go ♥ sara

even though i know u like her...i still love you and allways will ...♥

kaitlin + sara = best friend for life .. allways and forever
christy : ilu bffl
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