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u can run ... but u cant hide ... its real

hey everywun well i havnt updated in a few days so that means nuthyn really happened ... on thursday we went 2 the mall 4 early release ... and got accussed 4 stealing which is gay so whatever ... then christys dad picked us up took us 2 taco bell which was good cause ive been cravin it ! then we went to the taravella game t was s0o0o fun i saw like every1 !! lol yeha them we went 2 applebees and then 2 to .. thge walk ... then we slept at christys and this morning i woke^ and got picked up early cause i had 2 babysit ... and now here i am .. alex should be comin over soon ... we haveto figure out what we r gonna do 2night ,.. well i " my friend " has this problem she really likesthis guy but she doesnt know if she should tell him ... please comment and help " my friend " on what 2 do ... thanx x0x- sara

i love you <3
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