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hello sir's and mam's

hey guys well on friday night ALEX SLEPT OVER AND we chylled and stuff lol yeah thena t about 10 at night we decided to walk all the way 2 jaymes house hehee and we had fun there with jen thabo jayme and jorge lol hehe... then after that me nd alex went home and went 2 sleep ... then staurday she went home and hayley came oever ...a nd today i went 2 sawgrass andthats about it ... ive been thinkin so much lately i dunno wuts wrong with me ... im jsus never happy anymore ... the 1 think that will make me happy i cant get so w.e ../ ima go x0ox ily

miss you most when i lay awake at night and picture you with her..<3

embrace the total dork in yourself
and enjoy it because well..
life is too short to be cool ... <3*
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