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and its all in my head ... i think about it over nd over again..

hey guys well today was so fun ... i woke^ and chylled then went 2 the mall with nikki .. then after she came 2 my house and we chylled and harrassed booby nd jeffrey fraimen lol it was s00o much fuN ! lol then afterthat we went 2 get pizza trhen went 2 her hous e.. and ate then we decided 2go outside and hangout with all the people from her neighbor hood ... we walked around the neighbor hood with julie and michelle a lil then met up with adam and mike ... then afterthat adam cursed out this dude then they showed up in his neighbor hood so me nikki adam and mike ran into adams house and chylled there 4 like the rest of the night ...yeah adams sister allie is like the coolest 3rd grader ever shes my new friend lol ... yeah anyway im s0o0o0o tiredd ... and im thinkin alot so im gonna go x0ox ily - sara

nikki : ilysfm bfflaafuddua....

love like uve never been hurt <3*

. . . &' there is [ n o t h i n g ] i wont do;
i will cross the ocean for you*, i will go
&* bring you the moon || i will be your
[ . . . h e r o* ], your strength anything'
you need, i will be the { s u n } in your-
sky. . .i will light your way_ for all time'
i (( p r o m i s e )) you - for *you* i will
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