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bummer ..

yep hi .. nothing really happened ... except im fukkin sore as a mofo !! from all this basketball ... yupp halloweens soon .. im happy bout that .. yep im in a bad mood now so ima go b4 i say anything stupid.. bye

Don't make me wait forever...
just because you know I will

watching y0u fr0m a distance afraid t0 get t00 cl0se h0ping y0u'll realize wh0 l0ves y0u the m0st but unless y0u 0pen y0ur eyes t0 the 0ne wh0s always there y0u w0nt realize that im the 0ne wh0 really truly cares

* anyone can catch you eyes *
but it takes someone special
to catch your [ heart ]

ilysfmudek.. <3
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