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awsome weekend !

okay well s0o0o much happened this weekend .. okay friday night .. i staye dhokem and went 4 italian icees w the flores's . lol .. then onsaturday i woke^ and went 2 the dentist .. then after that i went with hayley to wellington for like 4 hours.... when i got home christy came over and we decided 2 go 2 the movies.... we saw team america with ,... adam , mike , drew, danny , jordan ,, jeff s. , steeve and a few other people.. it was so much fuun !!! lol christy ... america FUK YEa !!! lmao .. yea then after t hat we went home and christy slept @ my house.. then today it is halloween !!!! lol finally i have been waiting 4 this day !!! play yeah me nd christy woke^ and went 2 wallmart 2 egt stuff 4 our costume ..w e were like lil skool girls lol we looked so0o0o cut ethen we got home and went 2 pick up nikki ... then went 2 rag shop .. then we gotr home ... got ready and ate then went 2 meet up with every1 in west glen .. omg it was s0o0o0o much fun !! we met up with like ... jeff bobby adam mike danny drew matt matts lil bro nick and s0o0o many other ppls then i saw a few ppl i didnt wanna see at all ... not sayin any name =X... yeah then the rest of the night was pretty funn .. except when like i got egged.. it hurt s0o0o bad ... but i do good w, pain .. =] .. haha lol yeah that other friggin freak who doesnt like me hit my back with a water ballon thinking i would get pissed .. but thats s0o0o gay ... im not gonna get pissed over a lil thing like that ! silly goose ..!! lol.. yeah .. then like the rest of the night me christy and nikki chylled with like mike adam .. mikes bro david .. drew.. matt .. uhmm and a few other ppls.. it was pretty fun ... it was like the best haloween ever !! it was awsome !! anyway im s0o0o0o0o tired... comment please !! i love you .. x0 sara

The first time I saw y0u I knew it was true- That I'd L0ve y0u f0rever and that's what I'll do- Y0u d0n't kn0w what y0u d0 t0 me- Y0u d0n't have a clue- Y0u d0n't kn0w what it's like t0 be me l00kin at y0u

its always times like these when i think of y0u and i w0nder if you ever think 0f me..

it's like taking me t0 the t0p 0f the highest m0untain sh0wing me the w0rld.. and saying this is what y0u cant have..

*: .Love is when you are kept awake at night with thoughts of him...
and when sleep finally finds you, he is waiting there in your dreams

life isnt measured by the number of breaths we take
but by the number of moments that take our breath away

eVeRyWhErE i Go ThE fiRsT tHiNg i Do iS LoOk ArOuNd AnD hOpE tO sEe YoU

i CaNt hELp BeInG NeRvOuS
JuS wIsHiNg iT wErE tRuE
LoVe nEvEr fELt sO pErFeCt
TiLL i FeLL iN LoVe wItH yOu

me encanta cuarenta y ocho mucho..
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