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roy .. roy roy roy roy roy roy !

heyy .. wow this weekend so far has been pretty darn good....ok friday night christy and ife slept over .. and jayme , thabo , jeorge , & trevor came over and we hung out like all we did was laugh .. and by the time they left we were practically sleeping .. yeah and then 2day we woke^ and ife went 2 allies cause she didnt wanna go 2 the park .. and me nd christy went 2 the ark to watch nikkli play soccer and .. adam , mike, jeff s, jeff f , mat , drew , cj , zac, phil , grant and a few more play football lol .. then after that me christy and nicole went 2 billantes with drew and matt .. it was so fun me , drew and matt put all this shyt in christysdrink while she was in the bathroom ... lol it was fun and here i am now .. making beads and extremely bored.. call me for plans 2morrow.. ily xox sara..

i wish we could be more then friends .. <3*
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